Twitter Advertising

Twitter is one of the leading social media tools for more than 330 million active users in the world. People are using twitter for many reasons.

Half of the users, more than 45% of users, interact on a daily basis according to Twitter 2019 data. With this amount of active users, this creates another advertisement platform for product owners and digital marketing.

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What is Twitter Advertising?

Twitter Ads enable us, brands and businesses can easily create campaign objectives that optimize towards a marketing goal and conversion — whether it is building awareness or getting people to convert or take action.

The corporate and brands are using Twitter to communicate with the people about their services, special day announcements, their thoughts, and anything they feel like it needs to be broadcast.

Digital Marketing Plan for Twitter Advertising

Every product or service should have their tailor made digital marketing plan that suits all social media platforms or clarify the best platform for your product and services.

The good thing is for Twitter Ads, the format of advertisement makes the users a very clear call to action behavior to the specific products.

Is it possible to target specific location and audience on Twitter Advertising?

Just like Facebook, we can target the people on Twitter according to locations, demographics data, hobbies and interests, specific words they use in their tweets. Each platform provides different and unique opportunities for advertisers.

The user’s activity on Twitter, the information users provide to Twitter, and all these contribute for better and target oriented ads management on Twitter successfully.

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