Analytics Configuration and Audit

Analytics Configuration and Audit of a web site is critically important for your online digital sales and marketing.

Everything starts with quality checks, google analytics configuration and audit is a process of checking the configuration, data connection, proper data usage and ensuring that you can trust the results from the reports on the dashboard. First thing is to make sure that everything is in place and tracked accordingly.

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What is Google Analytics Configuration and Audit?

Google Analytics can be one of the most powerful sources of insight about your websites, the audience, products, the popular pages and behaviors of visitors based on audit and configuration, and you can increase the conversion and decide better implementation accordingly.

“You’re probably losing audience and customers if Google Analytics is not configured and set up correctly.”

Managing and configuring the google analytics configuration and settings of a web site can be critically important for your products, online sales and marketing. For this reason, best of analytics settings must be planned and executed to achieve SEM (Search Engine Marketing) goals. This can identify if a proper analytics setting is made or not.

Why is Google Analytics Health Check so important?

Google Analytics is important because it can feed us with lots of data on our web site and audience behaviors. To understand the outcome, we need to configure properly and get experience on the reports.

Some aspects of analytics as follows:

  • Type of data Google Analytics collect
  • Check if the data is correct for your website
  • Understanding of Google Analytics data presentation
  • Integration to other tools, like, Ads, Keywords, etc.

From our experience, we can easily say that almost all the analytics settings of our valued clients are wrongly configured and misguiding the results of the visitors before starting working with us. The problems can be classified as, either no code placed in the page or site, or incorrectly added to the site, or wrong codes of other sites placed in other web sites, or limited to some pages and not covering all the web sites.

“Most of the Google Analytics configuration and implementations is either wrongly configured or lack in one way or another.”

Enhance Your Data Integrity, Quality and Insights via Google Analytics Audit

We further encounter that most of the site admins or owners are not eligible to analyze and fully utilize the analytics for their web sites. Google is always keeping analytics progress and adding more useful options for the users and developing the functions to serve better for their clients and customers. Google Analytics has already had useful features and options to give you the best approach to analyze the data and help you decide better with statistics.

Analytics is Analysis of Data

Google Analytics is a little bit complicated and it is not easy to understand and decide how to manage the web site and all the pages including product pages, blogs. Additionally, Google analytics tag configuration should be added in the process.

As we have lots of experience on the matter, we like to share our strength to our clients to help them succeed their journey on internet online shops and management.

Google Analytics Reports can provide valuable data on these below sections:

  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversion
  • Bench marking
  • Mobile Usage
  • Demographics
  • Trending
  • Engagement

Experience is a very valuable asset in the digital world.

We are the doctor of Analytics and we can easily audit and see the problems right away, and recommend effective solutions to the problematic areas of the web sites immediately. This is our fun side. We like it very much. We hope you enjoy our services on this analytics feature of Google Life.

How our Google Analytic Team help you on Audit and Configuration?

  • Let our experts create your Google Analytics account
  • Configure the data that you can trust for your website
  • Don’t lose time to work on wrongly configured data structure
  • Save money by doing expert data analytics configuration
  • See you future and strategic plan by looking at your dashboard.

If you need any assistance for your eCommerce or corporate website, we will be happy to help you with our broad experience on Google Analytics and Configuration and make sure your very valuable data is configured right and reliable for your business.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

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