Linkedin Advertising

Linkedin is a very interesting social network platform that you can reach all the professionals from many industries and countries on different levels.

According to Linkedin, there are 675 million active professional users on LinkedIn and this is really incredible and we can target our ads through the user’s profile, job title, function, industry and much more.

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What is Linkedin Advertising?

The users can visit the LinkedIn platform at least once a day to catch up ony news or opportunities in their field. That can help us to target reaching the ideal customers, clients and right audience.

We can reach members using the following demographic targeting options:

  • Job Experience: Job Functions, Seniority, Titles, Member Skills, and Years of Experience, Executives and Decision Makers
  • Education Degrees: Fields of Study, working sectors and member schools, graduated schools, training institutes.
  • Demographics: Age, Gender, location, etc.
  • Company: Members’ Company Connections, Followers, Industry, Name, and Size
  • Interests: Member Interests and Groups.
  • Location, country or cities
  • Language, Skills, Similar Audience Expansion

This means we can target members using their profile-based demographic data, re-target visitors from your website.

This awesome platform allows us to specifically target managers, directors, decision makers within the organisations. We are expert on LinkedIn Advertising and we will help you make your plan on this platform.

If you need any assistance for your eCommerce or corporate website, we will be happy to help you with our broad experience on LinkedIn Advertising for your business.

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