Google Display Advertising

The intention of Display Ads is to find the right audience for the right product or services. It can be very beneficial.

Display ads campaigns are working on a cost per click (CPC) basis. That means, if an audience clicks on your display ads, you ads campaign will be charged per your overall bidding strategy.

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On web sites, we can see some display ads around the page based on the content and user interests. Google Display ads can help you reach the individuals or company users while they are browsing on the internet pages, watching videos, or checking emails on both desktop and mobile devices.

What is The Role of Display Ads?

In digital marketing, display advertising has a very important role for your campaigns. Display is mostly known as banner advertising and it costs cheaper than other methods of advertising.

What is the difference between Display and Search Ads?

The difference between display and search ads, is that display ads are placed on the web page based on configuration of the site owner and Network System.

Further, display ads may also be used for retargeting campaigns. This happens when users who have already been on a specific website or product page. The aim, of course, is to convince the audience to get back to the related website and take the desired action of campaign owners.

What are Types of Display Ads?

Display ads can be an image, text, video or combination of these, and these displays are arranged and placed on the pages with Display Network through the relevance of the page, text, or subjects.

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