App advertising

App advertising is a widely popular monetization strategy for app developers and get paid to display ads on their apps.

Apps platforms are offering a unique opportunity for digital marketers to reach users at times when other digital marketing channels can’t. The reason is, the apps are generally used during the day, when other types of digital platforms are not in use.

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The app ads are displayed through a mobile app advertising network, which brings advertisers and developers on the same network. The app requests an ad from the app advertising network, and the network uses algorithms to identify and deliver the highest paying ad to the user in real time.

App developers can choose and integrate the types of ads into their apps to increase app advertising revenue. There are video ad units, mobile app display ads and native mobile app ads types for app advertising.

A unique reach opportunity

There are five top most-downloaded apps and they are all social apps. These are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, and Snapchat. Four of them are owned by Facebook, except Snapchat.

The important thing is, all these social apps provide easy integration with your running campaigns.

How can I integrate my ads with different social media tools?

For instance, Facebook web, mobile and Instagram can be managed from the same ads campaign easily, mostly the same content and formats.

There are distinct benefits to advertising in mobile applications. Unlike other platforms, your audience in app advertising is engaged with the app, and therefore in tune with your brand, and further this captive audience can help you boost better conversions.

The audience of your ad has chosen to download the app. They seem interested in what the app has to offer. When you advertise in relevant apps, you have a better targeted audience and make your marketing more effective.

Is App Advertising Right for Your Business?

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