Landing Pages

This is basically a web page that you like to get your audience directed either to purchase your products or conversion.

This page should have related information about the product and motivate the visitor to act as intended to do based on your digital marketing plan.

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In other words, the landing page where a visitor “lands” soon after they click on a link in an email, or ads from search engines or social media platforms.

Landing pages differ from regular web pages by design with one single goal, described as call to action (CTA). For this reason, landing pages are the best tool for conversion rates for your product and services as indicated in your marketing plan.

Collect the emails to retarget to audience, high potential buyers.

Landing page must have a form to collect the audience data to use in later opportunities such as retargeting and remarketing. This will classify the audience that shows interest in a specific product.

Sending or forwarding the audience traffic to specific landing pages will increase the conversion rate and sales accordingly.

Landing pages can easily motivate and bring focus to the conversion goal: sales.

Ads and Landing Page Matters

If your ads campaign about one product, your landing page must be the same product with the same info, price, discount and even with the same words. The content must match with the Ads and there should not be any destruction on the page to hinder the potential sale of product.

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