Website Migration Services

Web sites can hold important data and contents inside and if there is a need to move these all to a new domain, we will be assisting you for perfect transition and movement of your data without any interruption.

During migration of your content to the new platform or content management systems can be a headache and can generate unexpected problems and loss of date for your prominent business.

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Not only content but SEO data must be taken to migrate to a new location, otherwise, there will be a problem for search engine optimization and lose the valuable asset of SEO.

Redirecting your old site to new

If it is time to change and get a new URL – domain name and you decide to redirect your site and contents, then we will be doing this for you. We work on current contents and files with mapping of all files and keywords from old URL to the new URL without any impact on transition and make sure all the previous links and connections are redirected and go smoothly to the new URL address.

Migrating to HTTPS

Online internet security is becoming an increasingly important area for small, medium and large businesses of every size. And one of the most basic forms of online security entails switching to HTTPS hosting.

As Google Policy changed, we started using HTTPS for all our clients and customers. We have moved all the websites to the more secure side of the internet, from HTTP to HTTPS. This new HTTPS is the secure hosting and the browsers are working very well on HTTPS web sites.

The first indication of security of a web site, starts with the prefix called HTTPS. This states itself and indicates that the website you are visiting is safe and secure. Along with the reassurance it gives your visitors, HTTPS is actually a stated Google ranking factor.

The migration will require some actions;

  • Purchasing and installing SSL Certificate
  • Making full backup of the website and contents.
  • Change and replace new https with previous ones by updating links
  • Update internal and external links.
  • Update email structure accordingly.
  • Sitemap updates.
  • Robot.txt code update
  • Update Google settings.

As we have already done this lots of time, our experts can do this for you in a shorter time and without any gaps or loss of valuable data safely, securely and with the minimum of impact.

If you need any assistance for your eCommerce or corporate website, we will be happy to help you with our broad experience on Web Migration Services for your business.

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