It is like getting a full image of your website folders, data, pages, blog news, customer data and more. If you are using WordPress, then the backup will hold all the content from your CMS and can replace the damaged or missing files on the server.

What Is a Website Backup?

As we are living in the information age and using computers, we are making back-ups for our computers regularly to save our valuable data and not to lose them.

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Websites are like the computer hard disk and consist of your media files, images, content, or other files you have used in website pages and blogs. Further you are keeping payment systems and customer information for their membership and accounts pages.

Why Do You Need to Backup Your Site?

It’s hard to tell what happens if you lose all of your website data. You can wait and see what will happen if this occurs. We have experienced this enough in the past, we definitely do not recommend without back-up of your site. It is our assistance to keep fresh data and copy of your website belongings to immediate rescue if any problem happens on servers.

Do you backup your website?

Regularly backing up your computer helps prevent data loss if anything unfortunate happens like your computer gets damaged or hacked and you need to reinstall your operating system and your files back to normal.

Is there a threat to websites?

Not only computers get hacked, but the web sites can be a target of hackers as well. Your competitors may be interested in your website very much and expecting your website is down for some reason.

To prevent any failures or disconnection, loss of data, loss of content management system, we will be providing our backup services for your websites.

If you need any assistance for your eCommerce or corporate website, we will be happy to help you with our broad experience on Back-ups for your business.

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